Walgreens will help you

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Walgreens will help you

Postby soobaroo » Sun Jul 06, 2014 3:47 pm

Apparently Walgreens has dealt with people who have a hard time urinating for a drug test. I only had to get something from my doctor claiming he knows about it. He wrote about two sentences on a prescription pad which I didn't think would be good enough. It was and they allowed me to do a hair test. I can only assume this is a nation wide policy and doesn't change based on location of the store you are applying at. I urge you to check them out and be straight and upfront about your problem as soon as drug testing is mentioned. They also do random tests at the store and should let you do it the same way. While they may not be equipped for hair testing on site they could either send you to a clinic or just let it pass if you happen to be there the day they come around.

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