Shy bladder problem

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Shy bladder problem

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I don't know if this will be helpful to anyone or not but I am a 66 yo grandfather just finishing a career an an RN. I have sufferred with this problem for many years and it worsened a little in past few years and never found much that helped. Recently I underwent hypnosis and it helped me a lot! Don't know if others have any experience with this or not but it helped me.
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Thank you for your report!

We have had a few hypnosis reports of success like yours over the years. But like my experience with hypnosis, the majority of reports do not report success. The determining factor of whether hypnosis helps or not, may relate to whether the hypnosis therapist works with the patient on getting the patient to actually do the equivalent of exposure therapy, that is, get the patient into the restrooms more often and expose them to the feared situation. On the other hand, perhaps some people are more suceptible to the effects of hypnosis than others, i don't know.

As a nurse, how often did you recognize shy bladder in your patients?

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