Purpose of this Forum

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Purpose of this Forum

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Dear Public:

Shy Bladder Syndrome (psychological term: Paruresis) is a common symptom of "Social Anxiety Disorder". Up to 7% of the population have symptoms of this syndrome in a Harvard Medical School survey of incoming male freshman. A follow-up Canadian survey identified shy bladder symptoms in 7% of both men and women.

The typical symptom is the frequent inability to voluntarily urinate in busy public restrooms, while being able to urinate easily in private restrooms or at home. Of course, there is a wide range of symptoms from mild to severe.

There are both physiological and psychological aspects to this disorder. If a urologist cannot find any physical cause to a urination difficulty, they will often tell the patient that "its psychological". Psychotherapists can help about 80% of patients with this problem; if they can't, they will often send you back to the urologist. More research obviously needs to be done for definitive diagnositc screens.

The Purpose of this Forum is to deal with another distressing aspect of shy bladder, or what Paruretics call "The Perfect Storm". In the 1970's, President Nixon issued an executive order which prevented any Viet Nam soldier from returning to America until they had passed a urine drug test. In the 1980's, President Reagan expanded the drug testing policy to include workers in safety related job positions in the public and military sectors. Today, up to 60% of private employers demand urine based pre-employment drug tests and random drug tests of existing employees. In safety positions or in professional sports, these urine based tests are often required to be "observed" where the technician can demand that they observe the urine leaving the body of the donor and entering the container.

Drug Testing is the Perfect Storm for paruretics because they not only have difficulty urinating, but under American Drug Testing employment policies, they are either not employed or fired if they are unable to provide a urine specimen. This is blatant employment discrimination against someone with a mental disorder.

We are often asked by some of our 3300 registered members, which are the best employers to work for in terms of not being fired because of their inability to provide a urine specimen on demand.

The Purpose of this Forum is therefore to provide the requested guidance as to which employers are friendly or questionable regarding urine drug testing policies. Paruretics can easily pass alternative drug tests which include saliva testing, hair testing, or sweat tests. We therefore consider any corporation to be a Shy Bladder Friendly Employer if they freely offer alternative tests to potential or actual employees identifying problems with providing a urine specimen. Alternative tests are available from a number of companies around the country and at competitive prices.

IF YOU ARE AN EMPLOYER AND OBJECT TO YOUR CLASSIFICATION BY THIS FORUM, please write to the IPA Office or the Registration Help link at the top of this page; we will be glad to correct any errors and/or publish your shy bladder testing policy.
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Re: Purpose of this Forum

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As I'm unemployed and desperate for work, it's good to see this forum.

I have a couple of requests though:

- could we also make this a place for listing jobs with private restrooms and/or flexible work hours?

- can you include jobs that don't require drug-testing at all?

Aside from being a paruretic, I'm also a drug law reform advocate. I don't believe that companies should drug-test for positions that don't involve safety hazards. I never knew about Nixon requiring drug tests for returning Vietnam vets; that's despicable in my opinion.

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