Georgia Passes Alternative Drug Testing Legislation!

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steven soifer
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Georgia Passes Alternative Drug Testing Legislation!

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It's almost too good to be true, and we had no notice of it, but the Georgia legislature recently overwhelmingly passed drug testing legislation that allows workers to optionally be tested by saliva instead of urine! Here is the story:

The implications of this legislature are enormous. Why it happened, we don't know, but it could have been a combination of the Tom Smith case against Catepillar AND the fact that Georgia Pacific, a Fortune 500 company, has switched from urine to saliva testing. And get this - the Chamber of Commerce supported the legislation!! There is even a reference to eliminating the problem of "shy bladder syndrome" as a reason the legislation was passed!!!

The IPA Board is now discussing what to do re: this development. One possibility is to introduce similar legislation on the FEDERAL level. I mean, if Georgia overwhelming passed it, wouldn't it make sense that Congress would too?! It could even be strengthened to make it MANDATORy in the case of shy bladder.

This has been, and continues to be, one of the organization's major priorities. Let's hope that 2008 brings about the absolutely needed change in the ridiculous SAMHSA/HHS regulations, as well as DOT rules, that has made life so difficult for many shy bladder employees.

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Steven Soifer, Ph.D., LGSW
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awesome news!
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I agree with Mustang, its awesome!!!

Reading the Citizen article is well worth it, a real morale booster. This quote:

"The option of using a rapid saliva test instead of urine offers unique advantages to employers. The collection is easily observed reducing the likelihood of adulteration or dilution of specimens. The use of saliva eliminates the problem of “shy bladder syndromeâ€￾ that occurs when a donor can’t provide or intentionally avoids providing a urine specimen. Since no restroom facilities are needed, collections can be performed at remote work sites, particularly those in the construction industry."


States are so far ahead of the Federal government these days from environmental issues to universal health coverage.

This may well be one of those issues where a good alternative strategy is for us individually to work with our own state representatives. If 4 or 5 states put this same initiative on their ballots, and some passed it. That would be good for finally getting a Federal law in 2008 when elections are held under a new government.
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It's great news that we're finally moving out of the freakin' bronze age in regard to a human beings basic right to privacy. It's only 2007 after all. Still, super news.
Can a guy get a little privacy around here?
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Thank God for this.

Makes me want to move to Georgia.
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"I'm on that midnight train to Georgia"


I've been singing that all morning, haha
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