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Cath- Uroloist

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:49 am
by David2733
Had my annual urology exam today- I'm 63. I've been going to this urologist for about 10 years. After being totally dismissed by another urologist many years ago I decided that I would be open and honest with this one, including why I was bringing my urine sample to his office rather than producing one on the spot. He totally understood and has been very helpful over the years. I really appreciated that.

Today I told him that I have to make two trips to Europe in 2017 and want to learn how to self-cath. He said "because of the anxiety?" Yup. He said if you can self cath you probably won't have too. I said "that's what I'm thinking too." He left the examination room and returned with a cath (16 FR), lubricant and a pamphlet and talked me through the technique. He told me to practice at home and then made an appointment for me on the 21st of January to see how I've done. He also described why shy bladder is an involuntary response (I may not be describing that right) and thought there might be some techniques I could do in his office with electrical stimulation they use on women so they can learn to control their bladders. I had not heard of that before.

I asked him if he had many patients with paruresis and he said 'oh my' a lot of guys can not produce a sample in the office. I thought that was interesting. Talking to him about this reminded me of when I went to a workshop and had an open discussion shy bladder with the group. I have not been hiding it for several years now. I've been greatly helped by my Phila Pee group and the practice we've do nearly monthly. I've run the entire gamut - from being a virtual shut in in my 20's to lying and making excuses about not doing things, to having a great marriage, children, business, as good as a life a man can lead. I'm just not willing to be embarrassed but this thing we call shy bladder.