Zoo catastrophe.

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Zoo catastrophe.

Post by SocietalAlien127 »

I'm new to this whole deal (not having a shy bladder, more so talking about it). I always thought I would grow out of it or that it was some temporary disability, as I have had difficulty going to the bathroom in public since I was in kindergarten. I've never met a single person in my life that truly understands how serious this disability is and how much it can affect a person's life. I try to talk to someone, anyone that doesn't charge by the hour, and all they tell me is, "Just piss, you big wuss, it's all in your head and there is no way this is a legitimate problem." Here is a story entailing otherwise.

I went to the NC Zoo in Asheboro with a friend of mine or two, who each brought along a friend or two, so I was already uneasy with unfamiliar company, although the company was certainly welcome and of a desirable nature. I made sure to empty myself before I left home and knew to limit myself to 2 bottles of water for the day, as the necessary hydration for several hours of activity in the sun couldn't be more than that. Things were going fine until I the first time I needed to go. I was hoping for a solitary visit to the restroom, unaccompanied by my present posse, yet I was disappointingly followed. I stood there with my junk in my hands, unable to loose a single drop from my surprisingly filled bladder, contemplating the irony of the infinite universe and the plague that had beset me. I'm not able to do it, and not because I tell myself I can't because I go in confident and headstrong and fearless and I lock up anyway. Anyway, I digress.

I left the bathroom in a flustered anger and went on about my day, straddling my bursting bladder as if it were some concubine. I looked at the animals in wonder, saw the people, ate the food, and all the while under incredible pressure and, eventually, slight pain. I departed from my house at 7:00 that morning. We left the zoo around 4. We made a pit-stop on the way home at a little gas station and I saw the glimpse of hope upon the horizon. I split from the minivan and B-lined it to the bathroom, turned on the sink, sat down, and experienced glory (yes, I get so full that I cannot physically stand to urinate, I have to sit to release the pressure, unveiling another inceptional level to the social anxiety that is human existence). While I was relieving myself, some teenage punk came snatching and beating at the door (Thank God I locked it) and were it not for the extraordinary amount of pressure I was packaging, I would have locked up then too. I stared into the depths of his soul as I departed from that restroom. I hope he felt it.

But now I think I've done some damage to myself as I cannot keep any food down and my stomach is intensely sore around my bladder, lower intestines, and below my naval. I know one can do damage to himself by holding it long enough, and I basically sought this website out wondering if I had finally crossed that threshold (as I have been flirting with it for over a decade). I am 21 now, I've attended university in NC (a daunting task as a Shy Guy) and been unable to live on campus because of the share of restrooms. I've missed family weddings, I can't even pee at work unless it is the perfect moment, which managed to cost me my job on one occasion because I tried to find a solitary place to go and it just didn't work out.

I like to believe I'm a typical guy, I'm not paranoid or afraid of all humans like some shy people, I don't have any outstanding emotional issues or family quarrels that have ridden with me through the ages, and I don't even have any medical disability or a history of any kind (below the belt, that is). I have been knocked unconscious a few times throughout my life but I doubt very seriously that concussions had anything to do with this. I've tried rationalizing this psychologically, intellectually, and philosophically; but there is a plan and inescapable truth: I am simply terrified of pissing in public and I am paralyzed by my inability to effectively do anything about it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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Re: Zoo catastrophe.

Post by johnbill »

welcome, you are a typical "paruretic guy", I was living life like yours for 40 + years.
You atleast accept you have a problem.
I denied mine, pretended to be "normal" until I was 55 yrs old...

You have developed a phobia...
It can be cured, you are taking steps to confront and
to resolve the issues...
peeing without performance is difficult to a paruretic..

My primary objective is to attain comfort while locked up at the urinal.
Not to pee in 10 seconds.
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Re: Zoo catastrophe.

Post by RichardUSA »

SocietalAlien127 wrote:I'm new to this whole deal (not having a shy bladder,
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
This bulletin board is divided into the public access section in which you just posted your story, and sections where we do not allow the web crawlers to record everything. The idea is to allow people to speak openly and freely without fear that their words will be Googled to eternity.

I don't know who currently has moderator privileges, but I would urge a moderator
to move this to the Talk About It Forum.

To Mr. Societal-- I'd suggest that you register to post on our forums. You may then be able to copy your own post, delete your own post, and re-post it in the more private section of this board.

Your story is entirely typical for young men your age who suffer from paruresis.

There are several things you can do about it so that you do not continue to suffer.
No one needs to suffer from this to the extent you have described.

Start by doing what I suggested, and by reading material at http://www.paruresis.org and http://www.paruretic.org Please note the spellings are different. Different organizations. Somewhat different information and approach to disseminating the information. Same goal,
to help you as an individual.
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Re: Zoo catastrophe.

Post by Michael617 »

Thanks for sharing your story. I am a 23y/o who lives in Raleigh and can relate to walking around the NC Zoo in the summer heat with a full bladder. I see that this post was 2 years ago and I hope you've been able to resolve your peeing issue.
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